Friday Repost: Pride and Prejudice

I confess to it: I have a little bit of a pride issue. I’m a little bit biased, but I happen to think that I’m really not bad. Yes, yes, I have my faults, but they’re part of my charm, aren’t they? (After all, really, what is less charming than someone who is perfect?)

So being rejected is like a punch in the gut. It means that someone out there disagrees with my self-assessment. How sickening is that?

Which is why it’s nice to be reminded that it’s really nothing personal. Well, actually it is personal, but not that personal. Or anyway, not usually that personal…

7 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Pride and Prejudice

  1. Rejection hurts. But really, it isn’t personal…Someone really smart once said,

    “Obviously he isnโ€™t rejecting you, he has simply made an assessment that you and he are not compatible in the long term. And it doesnโ€™t matter who voices this evaluation first, because the end result is the same. And heโ€™s actually saving you from another pointless bout with the wardrobe and makeup, so you should be grateful. So let the stupid pride rest and be happy to get on with life. Just reject the feeling of rejection. Now that should boost your self-esteem.”

  2. I prefer the girl is the one that says no. Otherwise you always have to wonder whether you did the right thing, no? I mean, most of the cases are for sure a no with no regrets, but there are the few occasions where you wonder if you should give it another shot.

    If they say no, then there’s no thinking to do! Unless of course many months later they call back to say they want to go out again, but I’ve always said no when that happens.

    Also, my rebbi once told me that it says somewhere that a girl can’t say no to her basheret. Because everything is this world is controlled by G-d except mitzvos and bitachon. Since a guy has a mitzvah of peru urevu, he can reject a girl as it is his mitzvah, but a girl can’t say no to his basheret, therefore taking away the mitzvah from the guy. And G-d controls her nonmitzvah decisions.

    I found that if you tell this over to girls on dates, they don’t approve ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Hmm, actually meant to call him tonight but completly forgot. Hopefully we’ll speak tomorrow and I’ll remember to ask him. I’m just bummed bc I bought two tickets to Israel and the other person just told me they can’t come. I can’t go alone! Apparently you can’t transfer ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Who else bought tickets?

  4. Are you sure your Rebbe says that. It is my intention that the the Ketubah the man gives his wife says He obligates himself to HONOR HIS WIFE. and then he must give her clothing and her time. [Onasa] If she has her period she is forbidden to him.!
    Well the Ticket transfer problem is due to the Airline and Israeli tickets are under higher security concerns .You can’t transfer because of a feeling of Paranoia … you could tell the other party to come with you or givwe you your dollars back on his portion of the ticket..

  5. You can also try to speak with someone higher than the ticket seller for a ruling on the refund policy of your ticket.They have been known to override the decision ruling when they are given a plausible explanation for the requested refund. Use extreme tact in dealing with this..

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