Quote of the Night: What’s Your Number?

While watching Siyum Hashas:

“Hey, there’s a nice young guy in a blue shirt! Good-looking too. They should have their phone numbers written on their foreheads or something.”


9 thoughts on “Quote of the Night: What’s Your Number?

  1. I have a new joke inspired by the occasion.

    Q- Why did the Jew cross the road?
    A- To get to the Siyum Hashas!

    Context- sitting in traffic between NYC and the stadium, a half- hour ride took two hours, the cars were NOT MOVING, people were starting to get out and walk down the highway. Some of them crossed between the cars.

    (ok, maybe you had to be there…)

  2. I had my number on the screen around the stadium. Didn’t you see the “powered by New Tel” ads everywhere? Actually the number was only for the Spanish and yiddush translators, but you can google us and ask for the cute guy who used to work there (I’m the only one so they’ll know who you’re talking about).

    -Tehila – I was one of those people! 😀

  3. How do you know if he is a nice guy? Good looking is about the only thing you could tell about the person just by looking at him. Unless he was in middle of doing cpr on some kid choking on a pretzel there really is no way of knowing whether he’s a nice guy jus by looking at him.

  4. If he was at the siyum and actually listening to the speeches, probably a good guy. If he was like me and just hocking around with everyone, obviously a bum!

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