Wednesday Repost: We <3 Shidduch Equations

Sadly, people and relationships cannot be reduced to mere equations. As Dostoyevsky points out in Notes from Underground, if we did come up with an equation proving that people always behave in their best interest, people would do the opposite just to prove their free will.

(I know what you’re thinking. In that case, we can say that people will do the opposite of what’s in their best interest because the equation says so. But then people might contradict that prediction, and you’d be left saying that people will either do what’s in their best interest or not, depending on whether they’d rather stick it to you or just get on with life. And then you’d need an equation to predict who would do what, and we’d be right back where we started.)

However, we still have the joyful opportunity to use equations to quantify people! As an addition to the Fat Potential stats, BadforShidduchim brings you the Net Value Equation.



3 thoughts on “Wednesday Repost: We <3 Shidduch Equations

  1. No matter how you look at it, consider that there are now over 4 billon individual people on this planet, each with absolute free choice, no matter “others” say. It all stems from the free choice given to us from that first couple according to our tradition. G-d forcefully breathed into that clod’s a Nishmat Chayim. It has been shown that lives have been ressusitated with blowing a forceful breath during artificial respiration



  2. Hey, I love the Enneagram! That would be a great way to make shidduchim. We should have an Enneagram Shadchan. 5s go with 5s, 2s go with 3s, 9s go with 6s, etc. Almost as good as matching people up by their favorite books.

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