19 thoughts on “You Know You’re an Old Maid When…

  1. Maybe a bit extreme, but I know cases of that. Plus with her genes her kids should be skipping multiple grades 🙂

    Anyway when I look at photos on facebook of friends of mine who are younger with me (25), family photos, like with them, their wife and 4 kids, it’s a bit eye-opening.

  2. iyhby – 4 kids in 5 or 6 years? REALLY unhealthy, NOT probable, and SHOULDN’T be. Kids should come at least 1.5 years apart. At least if you’re nursing. And if you’re not nursing, there’s only a few good reasons, all of which you should speak to your doctor or lactation consultant about. Ugh, 4 kids in 5 years. Ugh.

  3. littleduckies- I din’t know where you live but I know plenty of people who nurse & have 4 kids in six years. As far as SHOULDN’T- frankly that’s their business, not yours.

  4. former blogger – Um, it’s pretty rare if they nurse as long as they should, i.e., until the baby is one year old. You know why? Because nursing, most of the time, dries up the milk supply OR causes the baby in utero to abort. Or both, sometimes. . . That said, there are some women who tandem nurse. But for 80% of women, nursing (with no formula and no water, the way it should be) will keep them infertile for AT LEAST six months, and often more. For another 10%, nursing even once a day will keep them infertile. For the last 10%, you’re right – but as we’ve already stated, 90% of women will not conceive within the first six months or more after giving birth, with an average of 10 months postpartum conception rates. 10+9? 19. That’s over a year and a half. 6+9? 15, and that’s pretty rare.

    FYI – 4 kids is 6 years is plausible, but 4 kids in 5 or 5.5? Plus, we’re assuming that she got pregnant the night of the wedding (when she stopped taking the pill to ensure a chupas tehora). Otherwise, it can’t work.

    Oh – and what I said about “shouldn’t” and nursing is based completely on medical statistics, maternal health after two babies in two years, and the fetus’ health, after their mother’s stores of vitamins, muscles, calcium, and the like are worn down from being pregnant so often. And, assumingly, nursing. But most people who have babies that close – don’t nurse. LIke, 95%.

  5. former blogger – Just give me names so my kids don’t marry any of theirs, okay? I don’t need my girls’ husbands pressuring them not to nurse, and my boys’ wives refusing to nurse because “it’s too hard” and “it doesn’t matter”. It does. And mothers who don’t nurse put their babies at much higher risk of a LOT of things, in addition to the fact that until 3 or 4 months, a baby’s immune system isn’t up and running, so if they’re not nursing and getting antibodies and immunity through their mother’s milk, they have NO immune system whatsoever. Then their parents get upset when immunizations cause problems, or their kid is always getting an ear infection or whatnot. Just sayin’.

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  7. littleduckies- I know of 5 people offhand who were nursing exclusively and got pregnant within 5 months of giving birth. And while we agree on the value of nursing, we differ when it comes to marriage- I wouldnt nix a shidduch for my child cuz someone will/won’t nurse. Sheesh, and people wonder why it’s hard to even get a date. I’m sure they’d never guess it’s because their mother got pregnant with them too quickly.

  8. i’m sorry to even feed into this nonsensical discussion, but i needed to just contest one REALLY idiotic point so the general public isn’t misled to believe that it contains a shred of truth. if you’re taking the pill before your wedding, even if you were dumb enough to stop taking it the day of your wedding (which i think both your doctor and your rav would scream at you for doing), you won’t conceive that night unless the pill hadn’t worked the previous two weeks.

  9. And another one who thinks this discussion is nonsensical…
    but the pill only works on 98 percent of people- always 2 percent it fails.

  10. because your doctor should be frum, or at least understand why someone frum and unmarried would go on the pill to start with.

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