Don’t Drown!

Here’s a post for the folks in the Northeast who are sitting at home watching the rain whip their windows.

You know, one thing I’ve missed since high school graduation is snow days. Somehow, when you work, you’re expected to be there no matter what. Now y’all have a rain day and I’m jealous.

Anyway, for those of you who are getting bored sitting around watching trees fall down, or sump-pumping out your basement, here’s an article about politics and dating. (For those of you without electricity, this is not for you. Go play Settlers or something.)

Apparently, some people think that members of the opposite party are so inherently different, it’s like they’re another specie. No inbreeding, please. Seems a little extreme to me. I recall one election where my parents came home and compared poll choices and were horrified.

“You voted for her? What were you thinking?”

“Are you kidding? I can’t believe you voted for him.”

They both stared, shook their heads, and then thanked the good Lord that they’d canceled out the other’s vote.

They’re still married.

HT to O


8 thoughts on “Don’t Drown!

  1. I got sick of this stupid state, so I fled and moved in with my parents. Here we have power, water, internet, food! Why is it in the tri state area it takes 2 weeks to give people power but move more inland and they take care of everything in a few hours???

    Getting to point, I dated an Obama supporter recently, she was also pro gay marriage. We just fought the entire time. She was historical when I told her I send money to Romney. Never would I date/marry someone like that. I agree on that point 100%.

    Plus if the shidduch crisis is for women, and there are more liberal women than men. This will causes them to get even fewer dates, and the conservative women will become the breeders! Yay! 🙂

  2. @iyhby: I believe the word you were going for was “hysterical”, not “historical”.

    Also, despite being conservative myself, being referred to as a “breeder” is highly insulting to any woman. Eww.

  3. @Scraps. I see you’re one of those people who get insulted by and misconstrues every comment they read online. You probably also scream “Racism!” when someone tells you they’re voting for Romney and scream, “Sexist” every time someone tells you they are anti abortion.

  4. Shows how much you know. I’ve voted Republican in every election since I was old enough to vote, and I sit on the fence as far as legalized abortion goes (I think it’s overused and shouldn’t be done at public expense, but I also think it should be legal and covered by insurance when the pregnancy endangers the mother’s health). I think that some of Obama’s ads are the most overtly sexist I’ve seen in this election cycle.

    However, I also think that racism and sexism are both overly accepted and common in our community and I support neither. Really, you don’t think that referring to women as “breeders” sounds insulting to the intelligence of educated women everywhere? Wow. Even in jest, it’s still rude.

  5. Obviously I know you’re conservative, you said so previously. I’m just saying you’re the type to bug out about those types of things and make big deals about everything. You can find reasons to be insulted and angry about many things out there. But then you’ll just spend most of your life miserable.

  6. I don’t see “Eyuw” in the same league as “Racist!” And bugging out is not really Scraps’s style. The only time I’ve seen her jump up and down waving her arms was when we were doing jumping jacks in a rest stop somewhere between Binghamton and Lisle at midnight.

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