Full Disclosure

There are lots of things you have to remember to mention before you marry someone: if you’re taking anti-depressants, if you’re an illegal alien, and if you’ve previously been married. But you might not have realized how important it is to mention that you’ve had cosmetic surgery. Your spouse-to-be may love your (new) face, but (s)he is buy in to the entire package, including your genes. Take warning from this tale out of China.


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14 thoughts on “Full Disclosure

  1. remember this:

    “Recently, an acquaintance of mine reported the happy news that her first cousin had become a kallah for the first time at the tender age of forty. “She wowed her chasan with her beauty,” she said. “That’s what gave her an edge over the other women her age.” Then she paused. “Let’s see…she had a nose job….gastric bypass …botox injections….her teeth were capped…..and she wears violet-blue contact lenses…There’s practically nothing about her that’s real!” she laughed. “But…guess what? She’s getting married next month!””

  2. i’d like to add my not worth $0.02 worth of advice to our beauty crazy socxiety written by Shlomo Halech some 3000 years ago in a book called proverbs…
    Shekker Hachayn v’hevel Hayofi … Isha yiras Hashem Hi Tis-hallal
    Don’t ask me to translate as you can find it in any oldzemiros book or siddur and sung by thousands of Frum husbands every friday night just before kiddush. [with the exception of Yom Tov].

  3. Ah, by the title, I thought we were gong to get full disclosure of all YOUR secrets. But alas. Well, nothing can disappoint me today, hurricane = no work! Party time!

  4. Gave me a good laugh to start off the school free hurricane day!

    (Although kind of reminds me of the article written a long time ago where that woman wrote that girls should have nose jobs and whatever else they need in order to get a shidduch and then they’ll be happily married. Maybe she should do a followup to see if anyone has ever sued after when the baby comes out ugly.)

  5. Lol, good point B&N!! We need before and after pictures, and maybe we can get one of those programs that morphs your “hot” face with her ugly face together to see if he approves of their future baby?

  6. that’s an awesome idea iyhby! Forget pics on the actual bio – now you need to see what the potential kid might look like! I can just see it now.

  7. Hey, I’m bored too. Technically we are “working from home” for the next two days, but I haven’t seen any emails from anyone else on my team, so I’m assuming they are all doing nothing as well.

    Program downloaded!

  8. Anyone else feel like they are under house arrest or it’s a 3 day yom tov (with technology allowed)?

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