5 thoughts on “This is the Future

  1. While I personally, do not see anything wrong in this approach, I do not think the traditional frum Jewish Community will be enthusiatic about endorsing this program because of the problem of Mamzerus of a divorced Jewish woman who did not receive a get from her ex-husband or live in Jewish partner. Dr. Chaim Zimmerman, Z”L,wrote about this in Torah and Reason that Artificial Insemination was discussed in the Gemara Niddah, some 1800 years ago. and the Maharal M’Prague debated this 200 years ago with Academic Professors of the University of Prague who felt this miracle was “IMPOSSIBLE”.

  2. if you’d read contemporary teshuvos you’d know there’s no shaila of mamzerus here. i do feel bad for those kids, though, and think it’s a tad selfish of their mothers to deliberately bring them into a world where people will constantly nag them for existing. and more power to women who think they have what it takes to endure pregnancy without a significant other to take up the slack while they’re indisposed. i sure wouldn’t.

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