Anyone Know What This Is?

First we have this bizarre trailer, then we have this website:

As far as I can tell from poking around the site, they don’t have a magical solution; it’s just another version of Frumster. Anyone know anything different about it?


16 thoughts on “Anyone Know What This Is?

  1. Yup seems to me to be exactly like any other dating site already out there. Doesnt seem magical or profoundly different in any way. Then again who knows…

  2. I wondered about this back in the start of October. Their litter banner ads have been proclaiming that they will “totally, officially, definitely, completely, etc. etc.” end the so-called shidduch crisis.

    I have no idea what’s better about them, or so definitive that they’ve ended or are ending the shidduch crisis.

  3. Found this:

    It’s sort of like a mix of facebook and frumster. New things: you can send a person’s profile to a friend, favorite them for later “connections,” IM/chat with them, and call them directly using a super-private feature that allows you to contact one another without ever revealing your phone number to maintain your privacy.

    No shadchanim it seems.

    I wonder who they’re hoping will use this?

  4. It’s like a crazy movie trailer.

    Years ago, I came up with a decent system that might (just might, not definitely, and maybe not even a very good chance) work. Basically my system is a “closed” system in which all the singles converse/date, and if it works out, they get married, but if it doesn’t work out, they write detailed explanations of their experience with the person, AND make recommendations to other people in the system based on that experience. All semi-anonymous when possible, but non-anonymous if desired. And it isn’t a one-off thing, they can continuously read profiles and make recommendations as time goes by. In theory, eventually this crowd-sourcing should result in more pairing-off than random matching based on individuals only reading and selecting profiles.

  5. a solution to the shidduch crisis or the zombie apocalypse? based on the trailer seems it could go either way. šŸ˜®

    i tried out zivug zone because a friend forced me to. It just feels so sketchy that I have no desire to reply to anyone who messages me, cuz I think, what kind of person would be on this site? And then I remember that I am on the site. But at least zivugzone is innovative- nothing like SYAS. hareiat looks like same old, same old.

  6. Why is ZivugZone innovative? I’m on there. I’m not seeing very tailored suggestions. I mean, how many people can be on the site right now? A thousand? So half of those are male? If they really tailored their suggestions, how can I have a hundred?

    Although, so far I’ve only be messaged by guys that think “Hey there” is a pickup line and grammar is optional. Sheesh.

    PS: Wouldn’t a zombie apocalypse end the shidduch crisis?

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