Old Questions

Her: So, what are you looking for in a guy?

Me: All the usual – heart, lungs, kidney, spleen… preferably in the right places with no extra things growing. I don’t usually look myself, though. I leave that for his radiologist. Why?


Sometimes I get bored of answering the same questions over and over. Especially when they have no real bearings on outcome.

13 thoughts on “Old Questions

  1. Hey but with this description you have good chances of finding a fitting subject.

    Better than drives a big car, is never home, will cheat on me so that I can leave him so that he will continue to pay me…. 🙂

  2. We should just say a crazy response and watch people’s reactions for fun. Ex- Her: “What are you looking for?” Me: “Someone who wants to adopt 100 dogs when married, someone who wants to live in New Zealand (it’s the first place that popped into my mind), and someone who is aspiring to become an olympic gold medalist.”
    This could be fun! Any other ideas??

  3. I would snap you up for my son if he weren’t way too young for you! (he’s only 15. But you’d fit right into our family with that kind of response!)

  4. @B&N….Again
    Oooo! I would love to live in New Zealand! Well definitely visit, but if she wanted to live there, that’s definitely worth a date!

  5. Tiring of being asked that question prettty often, usually with minimal time to explain things MY way and to deflect being asked people’s usually black and white question , ” nu, learning or work?” As if real life was actualy divided into categories like that…… Ive adopted a new response. I straighten my posture, look them squarely in the eye and matter of factly, in the most serious voice , ” a mensch.”
    This usually makes ppl swallow their next question and look at me thoughtfully before answering something ‘smart’ like, “good luck!”
    That summarizes things. Especially when they follow up the question w another petty or insignificant question. I just repeat the word again, with alot of emphasis and finality, ” a mensh.” As if to say, dont argue w me. I dont need advice. Just a worthy suggestion.
    It works like a charm every time:)
    Mainly because i mean it wholeheartedly….

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