7 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Creative Challenge

  1. Shidduchim is like being blindfolded on a roller coaster. Never sure when the next up or down will be. Never know when the next suggestion will come. Can have a great date but then get home and he said no so can’t go out again. Can have a bad date but then get home and he said yes so need to go out again.
    Hopefully at the right time for everyone, we will have a time where the ride isn’t bumpy. And we can finally get off the rollercoaster and look back at those crazy loops and twists and turns with laughter, now that we are safely on ground.

  2. Shidduchim is like being stuck in traffic on the way to your best friend’s wedding- you keep getting texts like “where are you??” or “the chuppa just ended!” or “we miss you!” as you hopelessly try to witch lanes then switch back to no avail. Eventually you just resign to fate- you will be late, but you know you will get there eventually

  3. I don’t know where to post this as it doesn’t really apply to what you have written but I hope you do read this. You post so much about Shidduchim and the Jewish world so where are your posts about the war going on in Israel. Four Jews have been killed and many wounded. Where is your outrage about that? I just can’t comprehend that you don’t have any thoughts on this.

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