HT to Good4, for suggesting we buy these for the kinfauna.



9 thoughts on “Advertising

  1. We have the blue and green one, “My UNCLE is hot and single!”
    MIL and BIL bought it for Shlomo when BIL came on his pilot trip to Israel. The excuse was that, “It was the best I could find,” but I think my MIL was dropping hints to my BIL. Or maybe she just wanted to advertise him. 🙂

    It’s a short bib, so it’s a backup…plus, I don’t like the word “hot”, so we try not to use it out of the house. So much for advertising, huh? At least we have guests sometimes.

  2. My husband suggested that you could meet his brother, considering that both your nieces/nephews and his nephew have the same bib (or rather, matching bibs). We promise he won’t be scared off by a smart girl.

    Um, other than that, I’m not sure you’re compatible, but that’s something, right? 😉

  3. I should definitely wear one of these the next time we have company over! They should start marking them in adult sizes.

  4. My baby nephew has a onesie that says “My aunt is single” in Hebrew. His other aunt (my BIL’s sister) bought it for him, but it applies to both aunts. 😉

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