Imagine You Were on a Desert Island with…

How’s this for a writing prompt? Imagine being stuck on a desert island with your grandmother.

My full write-up of the event is much longer, but there was a recurring conversation that bears some relevance to our topic here:

Granny: So, nu. Now that you don’t have anything to distract you, can you maybe get married? As a favor for me?

Me: Savta, we’re on a desert island. There’s nobody here to marry!

Granny: And you know that because you’ve checked under every rock and tree? You never know from where comes the yeshua.

Me: It’s a Far Side-style desert island. There’s only one tree, and we’re under it.

Granny: So, nu, Hashem should send a nice shipwrecked boy to help us out–

Me: –I’d prefer one with a working ship, if it’s okay with you–

Granny: –you can never tell when the yeshua will come. My friend’s cousin’s brother-in-law in Lakewood had a sister, she was single until she was 29 lo aleinu, and she met a nice nurse in the ER that she married. Boruch Hashem for that car crash!

Me: [sigh] Yes, I’m sure this massive shipwreck and loss of life was all so that I can meet up with a well-tanned bashert.

Granny: You never know why things happen. I’m telling you, you never know. Boruch Hashem.

3 thoughts on “Imagine You Were on a Desert Island with…

  1. @MCP . Wish there was a “like” option like how it is on facebook – great response. Stranded on a island or hotel lounge…hmmmm….island is definitely more fun! I’m going for that.

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