Thanks Guys!

I know this wasn’t specifically in response to my request for Chanukah songs, but thank you Matisyahu and StandFour for a couple more Chanukah songs. I would appreciate it if the StandFour guys would make their song downloadable somewhere so I can add it to my playlist.

Now, where is 8th Day, Moshav Band, and oh, how about this Alex Clare guy everyone is talking about?


HT to NotMiserablyOld and ADrop

7 thoughts on “Thanks Guys!

  1. Adam – those things stopped working for me. So it’s not YouTube security, it’s actually my laptop?

    Harryer – I’d love originals, but at this point I’m taking what I can get. I’ll even take Six13’s Fighting for Chanukah Rights, corny as it is.

  2. A few folks seem to be having the same problem, but it works for me. If you post links to all the songs, I can download them and upload the mp3s somewhere accessible. I’m sure my sibs would like them, too.

  3. I got ’em. My Java wasn’t working, but that page is fixed. Still doesn’t explain why an mp3 snatching plug-in I had stopped working, but oh well.
    I now have 1.1 hours of music, although not all the songs strictly fit my criteria.

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