Conversation of the Weekend: Born into the Wrong Era

“You realize that we’re really old by the standard of the middle ages. We’re like, 40 in medieval years.”

“Yes, but think how desirable we’d be if we went back there now. We’re strong and healthy. We have all of our teeth. No wrinkles or smallpox scars. What’s not to love?”

“True. And we definitely have the skills to manage a castle.”

“I’d love to manage a castle.”

“You’d have to convince them you were nobility, though, to marry in.”

“I can read.  I have table manners. That already puts me ahead of half of them. And I wear corduroy and can act superior. A pedigree I can make up–they don’t have efficient background checks yet.”

“Good point. It could be done.”

“Any Jews have castles back then?”

“Um, well, no.”

“Too bad. I really would love to manage a castle.”

“You can manage an international business, though.”

“As a male Rothschild, maybe. But a Jewish woman?”

“It’s not a new thing. Since you’re not supposed to use Torah as a shovel to dig with, the rabbi was usually supported by giving his wife a monopoly on a commodity. And some women used that as a base to launch a business.”


“Well, among the German states. Close enough. Haven’t you read Gluckel of Hameln?”


“Shame on your Jewish history teachers!”

“If she didn’t have a beard and write a book, they didn’t cover her. It was a narrow, male-rabbi-chauvinistic curriculum.”

“She wrote a book and ran a business. Read it.”

“I still would rather have a castle.”

“Try Toys R’ Us.”

5 thoughts on “Conversation of the Weekend: Born into the Wrong Era

  1. No plumbing…no way! I think your bigger problem would have been the fact that you are jewish more than your a woman. The constant threat of anti semitism, the real type where they would kill the men and rape the women,forced conversions etc. is also a pretty good reason to not want to live in that time period. Constant taxes, head tax per person, not being allowed to have more then X amount of kids (otherwise your kids would have to move out when they were around 12 if I recall). All not very fun. We just don’t realize what we have today. Baruch hashem

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