On Boys for Girls

The Daring Book for Girls by Miriam Peskowitz, page 212.

As concerns boys themselves, you have several options. The first is to ignore them until you (and they) are 19. Or 21. Or 25.

Alternatively, you could make a boy your best friend. Boys can be excellent friends. In general, they like to do things, and that makes them rather fun.

Of course a third option is romance. Some girls might be interested in this kind of thing; other girls might think that would be too icky to even imagine. If you are in the latter group, don’t worry, you have plenty of company.  

If you are in the former group, there are two main things to keep in mind. One, if a boy doesn’t like you the way you are, the problem is him, not you. And two, don’t try to make a boy change for you-it’s important to appreciate people for who they are.

Wherever you fall in the spectrum of how you feel about boys, do treat all your friends, boys and girls, with kindness. This has gone out of fashion, and that’s a sad mistake. 

Overall, the truth is that there’s no big mystery about boys. Boys are people, and like all people, they are complicated. And that’s what makes being friends with other people interesting; you get to learn about how other people think and act, and in the process, learn a little bit more about yourself.

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6 thoughts on “On Boys for Girls

  1. Was initially very skeptical when I saw your post title and knowing that you like to joke – but I found this (coming from a boy’s perspective) surprisingly accurate and hits on some very important points for girls. Who would have thought such good & right advice from such a book.

  2. Um… I am certainly going to elaborate more on this to my daughters. You know, if the boy doesn’t like you because you are mean/selfish/cruel/arrogant/any other number of negative traits, you might WANT to consider changing that. Just saying.

  3. I’ve been friends with boys throughout various periods of my life, and it’s true, boys do make GREAT friends. Sometimes you need a break from other girls, and the non-judgementalness/non-hormonalness/non-cattiness of boys can be so refreshing.

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