Link on Links: Your Online Dating Profile

In my experience, guys tend to err on the side of too little and too vague. But as a woman, what can you do to make your profile attract decent guys? (Excluding Matt Damon.)

The WSJ has a data-proven approach for you.

Popular profiles used aspirational language (like “I want to travel” or “a big ambition of mine is…”), kept descriptions short and generic and lied about various physical characteristics (though not the ones you think). Their style was easygoing, youthful and spontaneous. I’d never once referred to myself in writing as “fun” or as a “girl.” But it was easy to see that I had been far too stuffy and professional in my presenting myself (I’d gotten lazy and cribbed from my résumé).

I learned that short profiles that express just enough information to pique someone’s interest are the ones that do best. A good cutoff point is the 500-word mark.

She also says that curly-haired women are at a distinct disadvantage. For all you other curly-heads out there: put a sheitel on it.

In the above article, we have a woman pretending to be a man to find out what men like. But what makes me curious is this: when a man pretends to be a woman to seduce a man (okay, to get his iPhone back), what  does he write? Really, really curious here…

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2 thoughts on “Link on Links: Your Online Dating Profile

  1. Ost guys don’t read that deeply into a girls profile. As a matter of fact a pretty picture is about all he needs to convince him.b

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