The View from the Top of the Hill

When I was a young lass, I wasn’t ready to settle down. But my elders cautioned me: “Marry young. By the time you’re ready to settle down all the good ones will be taken.”

Obedient as I was, I dated from the tender age of 20. I went out with all sorts: normal, humdrum, typical, boring. I went out with the clueless and the obnoxious. I came home with questions like, “Is it okay for him to mock other people if he’s motivated by showing off to me?” and “Is it bad that I’m bothered when a guy has apparently not thought about our date before he arrived?” I dated infrequently, maybe 3-4 times a year, usually during finals, when the last thing I wanted to do was saddle myself with additional responsibilities.

Twenty-five, they warned me, was the top of the hill. From twenty-six on, it was a downward spiral to old maidhood at 35, pitying glances from bais Yaakov girls, and chesed Shabbos invitations because, nebach, I have nowhere to go.

Well, I’ve been 26 for months now, and I have to say, it’s been fantastic. Four guys in five months, most of them truly wonderful people who I respect and enjoyed dating. If this is what the other side of the hill looks like, it’s the best kept secret of dating. Bring it on!


7 thoughts on “The View from the Top of the Hill

  1. I’ve noticed the same thing! In my “elderly” state I have been having, b”H, more dates than before, and with much pleasanter guys. It’s nice to know we are a in-demand vintage.

  2. The older you are, the more people there are to date:

    According to NASI (who I don’t respect) numbers (from surveys they did), I pulled out my own statistics and concluded that a 24 year old girl has less than a 39% chance of being married by 29 and a 26 year old has only a 15% chance of getting married by 29.

  3. ““Is it okay for him to mock other people if he’s motivated by showing off to me?””
    oy. seriously? poor bad4. you have the craziest bad date stories. glad the recent dates are going better even if those 4 in particular didn’t work out for you, someone else will IM”YH! (I wanted to say I wish that the process would be easier for you in the meantime, but your blog readers do enjoy, selfishly, hearing about the miserable/wacky dates…)

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