Thursday Link: In Shidduchim

This site is clearly for girls, which makes it fascinating reading for both guys and girls. I’m afraid the “Is this normal?” and “bad date story” forum might steal some of my business, but I still feel obliged to send you all there for some light entertainment.

My only criticism is the tag line. I think they should have just stopped typing after “The place to be.”

5 thoughts on “Thursday Link: In Shidduchim

  1. I’m loving the forums already; My favorite so far

    “I was at a wedding awhile ago of a cousin and one my aunts who had a son in shidduchim was complaing to my mother.That her son, who was in a big yeshiva in New Jersey and they were told that they should not take their dates to Manhattan. As it is not a “kosher” place to date. [..] I recently went out with a boy [..] He was in that big yeshiva in New Jersey and HE TOOK ME TO Manhattan. The whole time I was really bothered by that. What does that say about the boy? Is he a rule breaker? Does he not care about what his yeshiva says? I realized that it is not enough of a reason to say “no” but now that its over..what should I be thinking??”

    Its hilarious but sad in a way

  2. Not just for “girls” – they have forums for different age groups. Only the under-25’s are labeled “girls”. Older singles don’t get labeled at all. The site’s moderators may not have the guts to call them “women” yet, but at least not “girls”.
    Maybe they’ve been reading this blog 😉

  3. This site is fantastic! I think it’s a great idea to have a place where women can air their worries, especially anonymously. I think I am going to register and offer my solicited advice! I LOVE telling people what to do! (but seriously, I do like to share my thoughts and opinions on how to have a marriage as awesome as mine (disregarding kvetchy moments))

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