7 thoughts on “Awww….

  1. I did not like this at all. The man and woman have no reason to be attracted to each other. The man is an idiot for blowing his job away like that. There are more effective ways of getting to the woman than spending hours making paper airplanes- ie, walking across the street. The bit at the end is complete fantasy, AND the woman’s eyes and figure are completely unrealistic. Thanks, popular culture, for sending unrealistic and destructive messages about relationships.

  2. I also agree with Mindy (except for the part about the job – what on earth WAS his job anyway?). My romantic video of the week is the Big Bang Theory Valentine’s Day episode. It really struck a chord – even my husband got a little mushy. (Is it OK to recommend TV shows around here? Watching the last 10 minutes skips most of the risque stuff.)

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