19 thoughts on “Raise Your Hand if You’re a Baltimoron

  1. I like commenting on posts that supposedly has no relevance to me…
    When in fact it gives me a very interesting into woman’s psyche (wait, maybe I’ll restrict that a lot to bad4’s psyche :p. )

  2. J – I know, that’s why we could finally schedule one there. 😉

    Gab – I have a very organized mind?

    Kidding aside, send me an email to be informed about meeting details.

  3. Why haven’t you made an ice cream meetup in NY for so long? Come back and visit sometime please!

    I couldn’t believe it last semester when I had finals and you didn’t make one (because for some reason all the ones you’ve made in the past have been while I have finals)

  4. Tehila – sorry – it’s just been so busy in NYC recently. I’ll get around to it. When are midterms?

  5. I am not from Baltimore, although I’ve been here about 7 months already….and this place is downright [i]odd[/i]!

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