Friday Repost: You’re Great Let’s Get You Married

You’re great – therefore it’s a pity you  are not married. Or, you’re great – therefore you deserve to get married. Or, y0u’re great – let’s prevent you from making us feel inadequate by getting your married to hobble your greatness…?


6 thoughts on “Friday Repost: You’re Great Let’s Get You Married

  1. It’s such a downer. Here I am, patting myself on the back for a job well done, and someone has to unnecessarily remind me that I’m single. Well, thank you for belittling my accomplishments in that they have lesser value in that they were done by an “incomplete” individual. My day is ruined, kudos.

  2. Yes princess lea…blame someone else for your happiness. Happiness rule #1: Happiness is dependant on you only.

  3. pfffff..hahaha!! Or, NOW that I realized just how great you are, I think you are now worthy of someone’s interest. Good for you!

  4. gab: Yes, that is exactly where I was going with that sentiment, she said sarcastically.

    Since you decided to take my comment completely out of context, I’ve decided to return the favor.

    But I’ll remain polite as a guest on another’s forum.

  5. its also the fact that your whole life then revolves around shidduchim. if you do something awesome why cant it just be about your moment? why does it always turn to your dismal dating life? is it supposed to be a compliment- “hmmmmm… we know that you really are capable of doing great things; we all figured you werent married because you had loserish capabilities, we see we were wrong so now lets marry you off!”

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