Good Morning Baltimore

Or Good Evening. Or Good Ice Cream. (Or, actually, the softest soft-serve ice cream I have ever had. Although, considering that I’ve only had soft-serve once before in my life, that’s not saying much.)

The ice creamery had an unusually high proportion of people looking for someone. In other words, singles.

I was busy debating whether I should walk up to the first arrival and ask, “Are you Bad4?” when the second walked in. They eyed each other from across the room, looking away whenever they saw the other looking, then peeking back again. I decided to see how long it took them to get together. Alas, my attention span is too short. I called the meeting to order.

My conclusion is that Baltimore has some super-cool single female types. It was almost worth the traffic.

(PS: Baltimorons: I found the mailbox, I found the Belt, and I found my way home, which was right where I left it. Thanks!)


6 thoughts on “Good Morning Baltimore

  1. You know, if you came back to RBS, I’d let my ice cream partially defrost into softness – just for you. šŸ™‚

  2. Great to meet you and put a face to the blog. I’m glad you found everything as well! šŸ™‚

  3. I had pinpointed you as the most likely candidate and was playing out the following scenario in my head – “Excuse me, are you Bad4?” “What?” “Are you bad for shidduchim?” “….What!?” “Oh never mind, I’m just waiting for someone.” Come and visit again!

  4. šŸ˜€ More like,
    “Are you bad for shidduchim?”
    “Excuse me?!”

    I’ll see if it can be arranged.

  5. There definitely are a lot of super cool single female-types in B-more, I know at least a dozen, myself included šŸ™‚

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