Friday Repost: Some Shorts

A quote from the post Clueless:

“I never dreamed that at this point in the game [with one son married and two more children ‘in the parsha’ for 2 and 3 years respectively] that I would still be so clueless about how the shidduch system works.”

And a quote from our Shabbos table:

Mother: Two new boys this week!

Father: (perks up) Really? Who?

Mother: Cousin Sarah had a boy and neighbor Rivky had a boy.

Father: Oh. Mazal tov. But too young for my daughter.

Me: Aaabbaaa… You have a one-track mind.

Father: It’s a millenia-old track. Haven’t you read your Megillas Rus recently? Ne’ami tells her daughters-in-law that even if she were to get married that night, they’d have to wait too long for her sons to grow up.

Me: But…

And a final observation from Me 101:

One thing about dating – it’s a great way to learn all sorts of things about oneself that one didn’t know before.

One thought on “Friday Repost: Some Shorts

  1. Re: clueless: If no one understands the system, get rid of it! This goes for the “Just so you know” post too. I don’t see the point of arbitrary rules- use common sense and whatever works for you.

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