What To Do?

It’s amazing how much more time you wind up with on your hands when you’re not going out with someone for hours a night a few times a week. It’s like being given an extra 12 hours of life each week! What to do with it? What to do?

I’m not complaining about the steady parade of gentleman callers I’ve been having. I’m rather gratified about them, actually. But sometimes it’s nice to just have a Sunday to yourself, where you get up early, grab a yogurt, and go for a jog because it’s just that gorgeous out, without having to calculate when to be back so you can shower so your hair will dry and your makeup be done in time for your date.

I can’t count how many times I’ve missed the Skateboarding 101 clinic at the park because it runs through prime dating hours. Well, this week I made it.

And cleaned out my car. And went for a jog. Twice — because I just couldn’t stay indoors. And then, faced with even more spare time, I created a menu for the week, went shopping, and prepared everything in advance. Then I cleaned out my closet, swept the apartment, bought a potted plant, paid the bills, and patched the tire on my bike.

Now, as I sit here typing, the evening about middle-aged, I contemplate what to do next. So much time!

There are some things about being single that I really don’t mind at all.


7 thoughts on “What To Do?

  1. Oh yeah. This past Sunday I didn’t have a date either. I got up early grabbed a Kale Shake and went to a Muay Thai class. Then I went to a local BMX class which I never get to go to. Then I did some sparring, because I’m such a badass. Then I paid bills and cleaned my apartment all independent like. Oh, I also patched the tire on my bike, because I’m handy. Did I mention I bike. Being single is totally not depressing. #humblebrag

  2. Midterms/finals=time to dump my Current Ish and not get another one until I have more time on my hands (which is probably not any time in the foreseeable future).

  3. ata – 😀 Glad I made you feel inadequate. This is a mostly anonymous blog. No details are ever accurate to protect the identity of the writer. And you made me google Muay Thai. It looks interesting – I think I’ll take it up.

  4. So stay single forever and enjoy all that extra free time, especially when you’re old and no one visits you.

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