Wait, Was This Backwards?

Me: [sigh] You men are so contradictory!

Him: [protesting] We’re not contradictory! We’re just irrational. It’s different.

Me: Hm. Yes. That does change it. All right then.

11 thoughts on “Wait, Was This Backwards?

  1. jk – read the title.

    The conversation went like this:

    GUY: …if I have a daughter, I won’t let her date until she’s 30.
    ME: Why?
    GUY: Because I know what those guys are thinking.
    ME: From personal experience?
    GUY: Well…
    ME: So if you were my father, you wouldn’t let me date you?
    GUY: Wait…
    ME: So, I think I’d like to go home now.
    GUY: Hang on, hang on!

  2. so let me get this straight. Man says something stupid, woman says “therefore all men must be stupid”. One point for the feminists. Woman says something stupid, man says “therefore all women must be stupid”. Man is a pig. Another point for feminists. You really can do no wrong if you are “oppressed”.

  3. ab – This conversation was easy to lead because I’ve heard so many guys say stuff like that. That’s why I felt the need to point out to this guy how contradictory he sounded.

  4. Since all guys are bad, there is no reason why I wouldn’t let my daughter date me (in a hypothetical world, not one south of the Mason-Dixon).

  5. “Hypocritical” is a strong word. I think “irrational” might be better. Humans don’t have to always make sense. It keeps us interesting.

  6. Naah, sorry, I stand by hypocritical.

    “I wouldn’t let my daughter date a guy, but I date other people’s daughters”? Sounds hypocritical to me!

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