Friday Repost: Am I Jaded Yet?

I was feeling a bit glum when I wrote this post about being jaded.

If I was jaded then, I’m post-jaded now. Dating is just this thing I do when I’d rather be scrapbooking. Sometimes it’s more interesting. Generally, it’s not as lasting. Sometimes, it produces memories that ought to be scrapbooked.

4 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Am I Jaded Yet?

  1. I don’t think your jadded. I think you don’t have the same desire to get married that you once did. There is a reason that a lot of professional women don’t have a baby before 30. In your 20’s you just want to focus on your career and party. Obviously orthodox Judaism doesn’t exactly encourage taking a decade off for partying. But there are a lot of women who don’t have the homemaking gene and it takes some time before they want to settle down. In your 30s you will probably feel a stronger desire to get married. You are most likely dating now out of sheer social pressure. But let me tell you, I’m 40 and my parents have passed away, my sibilings are all married with their own families and my job has satarted to feel like a job. If I didn’t have a family of my own I would be pretty depressed. There is only so much that travel can distract you.

  2. Take a break from dating. Time to regain interest in marriage and develop new strategies that are less draining (be more selective about who you go on a date with, maybe?) I don’t know if this advice is actually any use to you, because I don’t know much about you, but I’m sure you can use your own judgement.

  3. @AD – sorry but I need to really really disagree with you here.
    Every guy you go out with (even if you only go out once or twice) takes time and effort and investment. Becoming jaded is a real thing – and if someone knows how to go about dating without becoming jaded please let me in on the secret. The whole process makes you become jaded – the issue is not the lack of desire to get married.
    And I don’t know who else has this but even when things are going well in a relationship, I still feel myself being jaded and saying “Why would this be any different than the X amount of guys I’ve dated before?”

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