Reason #17 To Not Get Married: Beer

HT to Relarela for this late St Patty’s Day tribute. (She was only one day late, but it took me this long to get to the YouTube vid.) As she points out, when pregnant, you can’t drink beer.





7 thoughts on “Reason #17 To Not Get Married: Beer

  1. Um, that’s no reason not to get married. It’s a reason not to get pregnant. (Though drinking alcohol may result in you finding yourself pregnant ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  2. Well, for a normalized woman, being frum and getting married are practically synonymous with pregnancy. It’s very difficult to avoid.

  3. FrumGeek- Consult your LOR. An Orthodox rabbi that isn’t on the modern end of the spectrum will generally require a medical reason (including physical/psychological stress). Even a MO rabbi will probably say you need a reason for using birth control (other than- I want to drink beer).

  4. yup- welcome to every single questionable food (or otherwise) item during pregnancy. they can’t guarantee an objective safe quantity, so they’d rather cover their behinds and say “abstain”. never mind that in israel, i got sent by an ob/gyn to drink a very large quantity of caffeine during an ultrasound. and i think most LORs will tell you to have a beer instead of going on the pill.

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