I Can Be Annoying Too

Texts I should not have received from MFs:

“I love my husband so much. Don’t you sometimes think you’re missing this?”

“My baby is so beautiful. Don’t you wish you had one?”

“That man will buy me anything – the whole world if I let him.”

Texts I will not send:

“Girls night out. Didn’t get back ’til 2. So. Much. Fun!”

“Ice cream for dinner. Just didn’t feel like cooking, you know?”

“Hosted a bunch of girlfriends for the weekend. One long slumber party. Wish you coulda been there!”

“We’re all going camping. Are you coming?”


10 thoughts on “I Can Be Annoying Too

  1. You actually got texts (or comments) like that? Wow!!! The first tow are are just stupid beyond belief!

  2. What’s to stop them from doing that stuff (camping, eating ice cream for dinner, girls night out, maybe not so much slumber party) when they are married?

  3. I feel like your responses aren’t nearly harsh enough. Those first texts (are they verbatim?) are just nasty. Did you actually respond? What did you say? And more importantly: why stay friends with people who say things like this?
    If I got a text like one of yours from a single friend, I’d call her up and want to hear all about it. Or drop by for some ice cream.

  4. Woohoo, those texts rhyme with “witchy.”

    1) I have always been suspicious of individuals who need to inform all and sundry of the absolute fabulousness of their lives. Makes you think they are trying to convince themselves of something.

    2) “MF” is short for “married friend,” right? I think that “friend” should be replaced with “fink.” In no way, shape, or form, could such nasty comments have originated from an actual “friend.”

  5. Married friends have sent me similar texts, just not as harsh. I know they don’t mean to be mean though, so I’m just happy for them that they’re happy. Hope you get married soon bad4. God bless.

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