Friday Repost: Seriously? Yichus?

I’ve never understood the appeal of yichus. Yes, it’s nice to have exciting forbears. Don’t get me wrong. Telling family stories is lots of fun.

But waving your antecedents like a flag and trumping them as a sign of your superiority? Puh-leeze!

To quote from this post:

…[it’s] like I have nothing special to offer myself, so we need to drag the dead out of their graves to help.

2 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Seriously? Yichus?

  1. Or perhaps a hold-over from a system that originally wasn’t about the two individuals.

    We live in a much more individual-centered society. For many, marriage is now about getting what we want as individuals (and in a couple, and in a family) rather than obligation to others, like our parents, family, or community.

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