Friday Repost: My Busy Life

I’m busy. Yes, very busy. There are roads to run, chowders to cook, and game nights to plan.

The phenomenon described in this rather excellent post (if I say so myself) has not decreased with my advanced age. Rather, it’s been aggravated. I now get frequently greeted by “So what’s doing with you?” which roughly translates to “Any interesting guys lately?”

For the record, O Friends of Mine, I am no more pleased by your singlemindedness now than I was back at the ripe old age of 21. I am a girl of steady tastes. And my taste in conversation has not developed overly much. I still prefer conversation about alpacas over conversation about men. Non-existent men. Or even existent men, who are, quite frankly, none of your business.

Now pardon me, I have to search up an alpaca farm nearby.

2 thoughts on “Friday Repost: My Busy Life

  1. Yeah, I never understood when people ask me who you dating now? If it was serious, I would have told you already if I wanted you to know. If I have a first date coming up, there’s nothing to talk about! Now I don’t see and alpaca farms nearby. Where are you seeing one???

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