Jewish Matching Now on Broadway

Sort of. Fill the Void is playing at

Lincoln Plaza Cinemas (1886 Broadway at 63rd Street, [212] 757-2280) and Landmark Sunshine Cinema
(143 E. Houston St. [212] 260-7289.

I have found a peculiarly deep divide between the Jewish and secular movie reviews (the former being breathless the latter being “meh”), but seeing as we’re mostly the former, it’s probably worth a look-see.

Thanks, BA.


5 thoughts on “Jewish Matching Now on Broadway

  1. I didn’t like it. simply put it’s not a true story line. no one marries her brother in law for the sake of the children in the chassidic world. the people come off more Amish than chassidic.

  2. I went last night with a few friends… While we were filing out of the theater, we ended up splitting into a couple of impromptu discussion groups with random people who were in the same audience. It was really interesting hearing the perspectives of the various people who watched it with us.

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