On the Subject of Being Interesting

I hate to be the hobby police here, because I don’t really have much by way of “hobbies” in the traditional sense, but gentlemen:

“Talking to friends” is not a hobby. That’s how normal people socialize. “Going to the gym” is not actually a hobby either, unless you’re training for something special or bodybuilding.

This is the section where you can sound mildly more interesting than all the other nice, smart, professional boys out there. Please make some kind of effort!

6 thoughts on “On the Subject of Being Interesting

  1. Totally agree, although this shouldn’t be nether a deal breaker nor maker. Hobby is a side thing, and even if two are sharing interest in the same topic, that shouldn’t blind them in seeing what really matters.
    Same is if one hates some form of hobby, that shouldn’t be an automatic no.

  2. “Hanging out with friends” is one of the most obnoxious hobbies I’ve encountered. Well, not everyone can be as interesting as us. 😉

  3. I once went out with a fellow who asked me about my hobbies… When I mirrored the question, asking him what he did in his free time, he simply answered “I date”.

  4. i struggled with this one last time i filled out a shidduch questionnaire. reading, writing….um. “reading random articles on the internet” doesn’t sound good, even if I’m falling down the internet rabbit-hole reading wikipedia articles about the history of conlangs like the more academic Interlingua or commercial Dothraki, French efforts to suppress minority languages like Breton and Occitan, the history of scissors or Indian music… just some examples. I dunno, I think I’m interesting! But I’m not really sure how to explain that in a checkbox list of “hobbies.”

    In the end I just wrote, “spending time with friends.” which is true, and totally a hobby in my opinion. showing that you have a normal social life is more important than you are giving it credit for!

  5. Tehila, I think that list of Wikipedia articles is an excellent response. Much more indicative of personality than “spending time with friends” (That tells people you are an extrovert, but not much else.)

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