Thursday Link: 29/31

Thanks O for sending me this. You will want to cover your ears toward the end. The language heads downhill around 1:30 and takes a nosedive at 2:00. But I can’t resist posting it because it’s just true… although when you’re Orthodox, it’s called 22/24.


8 thoughts on “Thursday Link: 29/31

  1. Both girls in this video are much more beautiful than most of the girls I dated.

    If every Frum girl looked as good as the two girls in this video, then there would be more successful shidduchim happening, in my humble opinion (which is only an opinion and might be wrong).

  2. You realize that, in spite of the campy props, those are both professional actresses? Not only did they get a 4-year head start messing around with makeup in high school, but they likely had homework on it in college.

  3. If every frum guy was like Mr. Cohen, the Orthodox Jewish birthrate would have tanked a long, long time ago.

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