Friday Repost: What’s Enough Hishtadlus?

Here I wonder about what is “enough” hishtadlus for shidduchim. Is there a bar graph anywhere that fills to a minimum line?


2 thoughts on “Friday Repost: What’s Enough Hishtadlus?

  1. According to the Gra, apparently for oneself one must have bitachon, but others should be doing hishtadlus for one.

    Meaning, no one is permitted to tell another, “You have to do your hishtadlus.” One must do hishtadlus, limitless hishtadlus, for another, but oneself should have bitachon.

    My father would cite from a text that the reason why my makeup and wardrobe has to be on his dime is because it is a father’s responsibility to ensure his eligible daughter is appealing. Hey, I’m not complaining.

    As for everything else, meh.

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