Thursday Link: Neverending Shidduch Stories

A shidduch story that never ends… sounds like mine!

HT to Double-Sh for this link. It brings me back to my school days, where I survived sitting in class mostly by distracting myself with “buzz stories.” A “buzz story” is one in which one storyteller begins, takes the story to a precarious point, and then goes “buzz!” whereupon the next storyteller has to extricate the protagonist from whatever mess he or she has been placed in. In class, obviously, this took the form of passing notes.

I am glad to say that I was never involved in any stories about dating. But that gaping hole in the universe has been filled by a group of ambitious young ladies (I assume they’re young; their “older single” is initially a downy-feathered 23).

The story itself is over here. I got about two pages in, smiling the entire way. It seems surprisingly well-coordinated. The secret to that is the planning thread over here. Hm. We probably should have had something like that in high school. It might have saved some of our tales from the graveyard of Ludicrous.

Anyway, hop on over and take a look-see. Let me know what happens if you get beyond 2 pages. 


7 thoughts on “Thursday Link: Neverending Shidduch Stories

  1. Thank God this is fiction. No one would ever major in special ed just to get a degree. Special ed teachers care about helping kids with disabilities, right? And it’s not really a quick degree; there must be some academic rigor to teach people how disabled kids learn, right?

    Thank God for goyishe special ed teachers who actually get an education.

  2. Plenty of frum Sped teacehrs get an education. And plenty of non-frum ones got through diploma mills. And plenty of both types – officially educate or not – don’t belong in the field.

  3. I’ve been following the story since pretty much the beginning. It’s a really really good story! Full of excitement, drama…. nobody can appreciate what people in Shidduchim are going through more than those of us who are actually going through it!

  4. I’m a guy, I am not in the shidduch world, and actually I got through a rather difficult “secular” relationship, but that story totally got me. I always assumed that the female point of view was completely different from ours, but I found out that there are so much psychological similarities that I actually learn a lot from these stories and can relate to much of them. You see, there are girls like “Donny” too…

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