Question: So why are you dating?

Answer: I don’t feel a gaping hole in my life as a single. But I’ve been told it must be theve so many times I’m convinced there must be one.  I’m hoping to meet someone who will make it more self-evident.

6 thoughts on “Brainwashing?

  1. I feel it when my married friends get together for “couples’ day out” and I’m not invited. Or “couples’ meals” or “couples’ photos”, you get the picture.

  2. You’re dating because you’re convinced there must be one?
    Probably you’re dating because society insists that you must. And because you think that even though you don’t care now, that in 10 years you will be lonely, and wish you had a family so you need to get started now.

  3. You’re trying to find someone who will convince you that (1) there is a hole in your life, (2) that can only be filled by marriage, and (3) only marrying him can fill.

    How about finding someone who you admire and respect and would want to live with?

  4. And what if you find someone who convinces you that there is a hole in your life, but not what it can be filled with. Then you’ll be left with just a hole.

    This sounds hazardous.

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