Thursday Link Early: Marry Young, My Son, Marry Young

Not going to have a post ready by Monday, so here’s this to keep you busy:

Living OOT and not getting too many Jewish publications, you miss some of the more entertaining  notions people come up with. So I was unaware that men going to Israel at 21 is depriving poor spinster girls sitting back in the USA trying to get married. (What is wrong with marrying a 23-year-old boy, I’m not sure yet. Does anyone have an article detailing this particular solution to the “crisis”?)

At any rate, someone is calling them on it.  Controversy ensues. Arm waving, yelling, someone throws a tallis bag… Whattaya think?

In case the link becomes defunct, here’s a page with the full text of the letter (but none of the comments).


4 thoughts on “Thursday Link Early: Marry Young, My Son, Marry Young

  1. I LIKE this guy!

    For one thing, HE SIGNED HIS OWN NAME, not claiming anonymity for the sake of his house not getting egged. In the end, if one wants to be heard, one has to publish under his own name. Kudos, Chaim Yudkowsky!

  2. I’m not sure what he is talking about, but yes, 21 year old men should go to Israel, and so should 21 year old women, and younger males and females, and older males and females. I was under the impression that more young women are making aliya (or are more interested in doing so) than young men.

  3. Wherein random idiot makes bold assertions backed up by bolder assertions, in turn backed by more assertions.

    This letter is worthless.

  4. In which case, Ben, your comment is just as superfluous.

    Snarkiness aside, I strongly believe that getting an honest word out, in the name of yashrus, is something that can always support Team “What Crisis?”

    Not only is there no presenting harm done in his response, but Mr. Yudkowsky is acknowledging the voice of many, in an articulate, clear-cut article, that has no reason NOT to start an honest conversation. Hopefully, one that will bring about positive enlightenment.

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