Just Go With It

This week I found myself far from home for Shabbos after a Megabus failed to arrive. Don’t weep for me: instead of Washington Heights, I wound up on the Delaware shore in a beach house. My major crisis was that I’d packed NYC clothes, and had to choose between wearing sneakers or 3-inch-heels to the beach. Seuda Shlishis was to the sound of a bunch of middle-aged men in Hawaiian t-shirts plinking away at 70s rock with various string instruments.

Havdala, though, was an issue. Short a candle and anything that smelled particularly nice, we walked out to the nearest shul to listen in. There was some curious  peering over the mechitza during ma’ariv (tsk tsk, gentlemen. Haven’t you ever seen women before?), and then everyone retired to the back for the ceremony.

It was a sonorous one. The rabbi had a pechant for chazanus. But finally he finished. “Ah gutteh vuch, ah freilichen voch, a mazaldikeh voch,” he wished his audience. “Ah shidduchdikeh voch,” he nodded at us.

We nodded, smiled, and headed out.

“I’m affronted,” I murmured to my friend.

She rolled her eyes.

“Oh stop it. He saw three pretty young women and singled us out for attention. When he doesn’t identify you as matchable, then you should start to be offended.”

Okay. Point taken.

4 thoughts on “Just Go With It

  1. Hm. Now that you mention it, it’s actually possible. I wasn’t paying attention. My friend had to tell me “The rabbi just wished us a shidduchdike week.” To which I replied, “I’m offended.” Cue rest of conversation. It’s entirely possible he was only talking to her and the third friend. Phew! What a weight off my mind.

  2. Oh gosh. Please. Why be offended? It’s something he can safely assume his bracha-recipients want to hear. It’s his way of acknowledging that he cares about you, in his own little I never met you before way.

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