Too Good to be True?

If you’re dating someone out of your league, and you’re thinking, “It’s too good to be true,” you’re probably right. Just give them time — a breakup is on its way.

11 thoughts on “Too Good to be True?

  1. Ive seen this happen to myself and my friends. Obviously you’re correct. However, the reason for the breakup may not be simply bec one is better than yhe other. Its just that they perceive the other party that way, and convince themselves theyre not worthy, thus sabatoging the relationship because they feel intimidated.


  2. miaou so true!
    some people I didn’t feel that I was looking up to them as being better than me’ (mind u they broke it off anyway)…but my wife I felt I was always looking up to her – I was feeling ‘I wish I could be more like her!’ .. and she was thinking the same thing, hence now married 🙂

  3. This post is nonsense. There is nobody better than me and nobody I’m better than. Just different things we are looking for. And any girl who thinks she is better than me, I don’t want to marry that girl anyway!

    What people judge better than is usually looks and money, and if they think they’re that great because of that, and therefore they are better than me, or out of my league, I’m happy to leave them.

    What you want is to marry someone who is so amazing in their actions that you want to be with them. Not that they’re better than you.

    I don’t think the girl I’m dating now is out of my league, she’s just the sweetest person I’ve ever met and that’s what I love about her.

  4. That must be really hard.
    I hope things work out for you very soon. You’re a wonderful person with a lot to offer.

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