Asymptotic Dating

Whenever someone says “Well that’s one date closer to the Right One,” I think about Zeno’s Paradox and asymptotic functions.  A step may bring you closer, but that doesn’t mean you’re ever going to arrive. Asymptotic Function


4 thoughts on “Asymptotic Dating

  1. Following up on your “True Love” post – maybe you don’t ever need to reach the “Right One,” you just need to get close enough.
    Actually, maybe the Right One doesn’t exist as anything other than a concept that gives you a direction to search in.
    Really the only faulty assumption here is that every date is necessarily closer to the Right One than the last.

  2. I doubt there is just a right “one”. Rather, in a venn diagram sort of way, there is a right set of guys out there for you (more like your post using the Drake equation for dating). I am happily married for almost a quarter century, having dated my wife for years before marriage, but much as I love my wife, I suspect that there were a few other women in college with whom my life would have also been happy.

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