Friday Repost: Telling Me You’re Engaged

Maybe guys find creative ways to propose, but sometimes, it seems like my friends find creative ways to tell me they’re engaged.

Like the OnlySimchas Post

And the Ice Cream Invitation and the Incidentally While Studying

I assume they’re trying to be nonchalant, because honestly, it’s just an engagement. Or maybe they are afraid I will be upset. I usually am. It’s not that I’m jealous of my friend for getting engaged. It’s more like I’m jealous of their fiances, these men they didn’t know a few months ago, but who are stealing this amazing person from under my nose and (invariably) whisking them off to some foreign city where I’ll see them maybe twice in the next decade. (Why does the husband always call the city of abode? Like,ย always.)

Anyway, for the record, I don’t plan to tell anyone that I’m getting engaged. That way, when my grandmother calls up and says “I had to find out from someone who saw it on this website, JustSimchas?!” I can answer “I don’t know how the website knew. I didn’t tell aย soulย except the one who proposed.”


8 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Telling Me You’re Engaged

  1. For the record, I was wisked off by my wife to her abode. The jury is still out on whether that was a good move ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Husband always calls where you live? Huh? Am I such a sucker? The two girls I almost got engaged to we both agreed I would pack up, move out of my state and move to their location and have to commute a billion hours every day for work.

  3. iyhby- I hope you aren’t the only sucker out there, I refuse to move out of my area, and the pickings here are slim.

  4. I like were a live and we have a sizable frum community, but I would be willing to move for a right person. For me, it kind of depends on the size of the Jewish community, I feel it does not make sense to move city with a small frum community.

  5. I think when the husband is learning he always gets to decide where the couple lives. I mean, if his rebbe is in Lakewood how can he leave Lakewood? But a job is not so choshuv.

  6. Thank goodness. A yeshiva bachur rejected me for my location (like there are no yeshivot here), and I always assumed that was an excuse, not the real reason. So it’s good to see my assumption was reasonable.

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