NEF Overload

There have definitely been times when I felt like the girl in the lower left of this photo. I mean, c’mon people! Leave me some single friends? Or at least space yourselves out so I don’t have to listen to all of you gush at once? Who am I supposed to complain to after hanging up from that?

I admit, I feel for her. I have never had to deal with 9 NEFs all at once trying to blind me with their rings. How fortunate am I! I never realized how good I’ve had it.

they're all engaged


12 thoughts on “NEF Overload

  1. What does NEF mean? I tried Urban Dict. but none of the definitions fit. Thanks!

    PS. If girl w/the gun was unhappy for the engaged girls, she should not have come to the party, instead should have made up same lame excuse. There is no reason to not to maintain proper decorum.

  2. In fact, I’m guessing it’s an experiment to see if they get the same response. Probably for someone’s college paper.

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