Friday Repost: You Don’t Want To Be Married – Say the Marrieds

Bas Melech was once single. And her greatest comforter in her sorrow was… the NMFs in her life. Repeatedly they assured her that being married was difficult, rough, and frequently unpleasant, and that she was enjoying the best years of her life being single.


8 thoughts on “Friday Repost: You Don’t Want To Be Married – Say the Marrieds

  1. It happened to me a couple of time … But they weren’t being condescending or anything. I heard it from my two friends who got married straight after seminar, had kids every year, never got any kind of diploma and barely worked and whose husbands are kollelman. Guess that when you leave with 6 kids in a 2 bedroom apartment, on the 5th floor without elevator and without a car, life can be quite difficult …

  2. of course it’s easier to just enjoy life w/o any responsibilities, travel the world and have fun, so that’s not the reason i want to get married. i’m looking to get married b/c i was placed into this world with a purpose and i am supposed to get married!

  3. I do believe what you’re saying is true in the ideal and general sense, but I don’t think everyone can handle it, unfortunately. What does being married mean to you?

  4. Yeah, I agree. The one’s who got married young all said that. Or I should say the one’s who said that all got married young. The “older” one’s said it was great.

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