The Guide to Dating Profiles (INFOGRAPH!)

There’s an infograph for everything these days. And there’s an infograph for how men and women should design their dating profiles for better response. Courtesy of Zoosk, fourth largest dating website on the ‘net and avid Facebook advertiser.


3 thoughts on “The Guide to Dating Profiles (INFOGRAPH!)

  1. OK, a woman wanting to make a *great* impression should:
    1) Include 🙂 emoticons and “lmfao”. Score: +231%
    2) Have a full-body photo taken indoors as a selfie. Unless she’s very short she will need to hold the camera over her head and shoot down. +215%
    3) Mention “dinner”, “drinks”, or “lunch” as well as “beautiful” and “baby”. E.g., “:-) I’d love to go out for drinks as long as I can bring my beauitful baby along 🙂 lmfao!” Score: +466% (woohoo!)
    4) Get a lot of activities into your profile. Using the suggested ones, I came up with: “I plan to write a book about my creative weight-lifting technique using a small piano. I’ll pick you up on my motorcycle!” Score: +140%

    Total score: 331% * 315% * 566% * 240% = +14,000% (Not. A. Typo.)

    Go on, try it.

  2. I don’t know how scientific or representative this is, but the gender differences were interesting.

    The stat about the two kinds of smiley faces makes this suspect- low incidence so inflated statistic?

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