Reason #24 for Getting Married

I found another white hair!

I’ve always had one white hair for as long as I can recall. In seventh grade a friend found it, announced it, and yanked it.

“Hey!” I protested. “That’s my hair.”

“If you pull one out three more grow back,” another friend protested.

“That’s scientifically improbable,” I paused from my indignation to point out.

It grew back. Only one hair. And it’s been there, smack in the middle of the front of my head ever since.

Well, yesterday, while gooping mousse into my hair, I found another one. It’s underneath, in a bottom layer of hair, so not easily seen. But it’s there.

Dear God. One hair, then two, then next thing you know they’re springing up all over and it’s the hairdresser’s every two weeks so you can maintain that illusion of youth while dating increasingly salt-and-peppered men. Oh for a ageless wig to pop over it all!



8 thoughts on “Reason #24 for Getting Married

  1. My brother went gray pretty young. I have a sneaking suspicion the wedding photographer discretely added some black tints to the photos.

    But, of course, dudes just look “distinguished,” while women don’t until they reach 50 or so. Blah.

    Seriously, there is a hydra theory for gray hair? I too found one recently, but have decided to ignore it for now. What I don’t know can’t hurt me. Anti-aging creams take up enough time as it is.

    Somebody saaaaaaave me . . . with a wig.

  2. I’ve been using Rogain for the past 15 months. Not because I’m balding but because I don’t want it to start.

    I would never admit that on a date though 🙂

  3. Ironically, I’m married with a wig and my hair is getting whiter due to the lack of exposure to light!

  4. Well yeah. Covering your hair all the time does kind of destroy it. But that’s a post-marriage complaint. One stage at a time.

  5. Hey! You know, the length of time you cover your hair, and your age, are slightly correlated?

    I cover my hair, haven’t noticed any difference.

  6. I started going grey at 24. I’m not sure if it’s actually gotten worse since I got married, or if I’m just less used to seeing my hair so it looks like a lot. but if you don’t wear a sweaty wig and only use breathable cotton berets or shmatas, hair quality doesn’t deteriorate. at least mine hasn’t.

  7. I have had a few white hairs since age 18-19. Once in a while I look and realize that suddenly there are more than I remember. But they look cool and no one sees them sooo . . . in the meantime they can stay.

    I think more about the fact that a cut no longer heals within a few days to a week. Now, THAT’S scary.

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