Are We Dating Yet?

A while ago I wrote about not-quite dates, and how much of a turnoff I consider them. Well, this article is by a guy, and he also decries the “not-yet-a-date.” He says that it kills the romance by placing you immediately in the friend zone. Instead of getting flirted at, you’re held at arm’s distance, because the woman has no clue what’s up and whether she should consider you differently.


5 thoughts on “Are We Dating Yet?

  1. Another question I have is when let say you meet someone online or via shadchan, on which date it’s okay to start flirting / complement on the looks.

  2. well, I had a guy who complimented me on my smile frequently from the start. Didn’t mind that. Anything else seems weird. and what’s flirting? I think of that as something you do to get a person to go on a date with you. Not something you do after a few dates…

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