More Classmate Statistics

A while ago I posted a breakdown of my high school class’s engagement record, complete with histogram. (Go on, click through. You know you want to see it again.)

In response, a reader sent me the statistics from her class. Talk about depressing. I don’t know how she gets out of bed in the morning (if there’s no date to prepare for).

Oh wait, she probably has school or a job or some other fulfilling aspect of her life. I forget that can exist.

Anyway, here are her numbers:

Graduation year – 2008

Stats taken  – 2013

Number in class – 76

Number taken – 53

Percent married – 70%

Not bad. The stats for my class were 74% gone by year five. I wonder if this is a standard for the Ultra-Orthodox community?

Does anyone else have statistics to contribute.

16 thoughts on “More Classmate Statistics

  1. Graduated from a Bais Yaakov in 2007. I think a little over 2/3 are married or engaged now. Sadly I threw away my records (yearbook) when I moved.

  2. 7 girls in my graduating class of 1995.
    6 married
    1 divorced (first marriage was also intermarriage – does that figure in?)

  3. Approx. 12 yrs. out of the school system. MO school, out of town, mix class about 14 boys & girls. Everyone is married, except 1 girl & 2 guys. No divorces as far as I know.

  4. How does everyone know? Who keeps up with all their classmates??? I didn’t even go to most of the weddings and do not know where they live or what they do.

  5. 76 girls girls doesn’t seem so small to me. Plus I guess I went to a more yeshivish high school bc 70% of my class doesn’t have fb.

  6. We just hit 76.5% with 52 married out of 68 graduating seniors, 5.5 years after graduation, having graduated in 2008.

  7. Year of graduation: 2005
    Grade Total: 62
    Total Married: 54
    87% married.
    I know because we just recently updated our class list- and it has everyone’s maiden and married names on it so you can easily see who’s married.

  8. Thanks for posting my contribution!

    @Iyhby: we have an email system to update everyone about engagements, and an address list that goes around to help with sending wedding invitations to all class members. So keeping track did not require much effort. Also, as far as doing the official count you just go through the names in your yearbook. Done.

  9. Graduated BY 2006
    Class size: 12
    Married: 8 (some are on second marriages now)
    Percentage: not quite 75 percent, right?

  10. class of 08 from a school that BY considers modern and modern schools consider practically BY. (ie we send a small delegation to BY convention but have to pretend like we wear uniforms and half the school doesn’t know what it is)

    88 girls
    40 married
    5 engaged

    So, roughly 50%. However this count may not be fully up to date. I only counted the ones I’m 100% sure about. (Skipped if I only heard rumors but they’re not on facebook or onlysimchas. Some people boycott both sites, apparently.)

    No divorces that I know of, but ’07 had at least two already. And ’10 already has a divorce.

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