Friday Repost: Dating Manners 101

I was sitting cross-legged in a chair, elbows planted firmly on the table, eating chicken off the bone held delicately in my hands. It was not my most viewable moment, but I was in the kitchen, and the only other person present was my mother, who thought this sort of thing was really cute when I was three, and presumably still does.

“Are you like this on dates?” she asks.

“Yes, of course,” I say. “I want him to see the real me.”

No duh I am not!

I would think most people are pretty clear on how far they can push etiquette with strangers. So do we really need a classroom course on how to date?


2 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Dating Manners 101

  1. I’ve been thinking about the best way to say.. “I would prefer not to go on another date”. I mean after a date, it’s only good manners to follow-up with a phone call and to say thank you. I don’t feel it’s quite right to say thank you but no thank you.
    So let’s say for example that the person has traveled a long way for the date, and they have gone back home afterwards. They would not be expecting to be asked out again because they are far away, and they may think that there is a potential relationship going on. There is a relationship going on, but it’s not quite the same for both parties.
    Does a man need to say this; “I would prefer not to go on another date”?
    Surely he can just, not ask?

  2. When you follow up you are supposed to say if you want to go on another date or not. Just say “I don’t think we are a good match”.

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