The Spinster Colony Exists!

Once upon a time there were such a thing as a housing development just for women. Like Begijnhof in Amsterdam. Or several similar types of places in New York City, the names of which escape me at the moment.

Anyway, I have suggested several times that strong, independent female types get together and rent a building or a town and create an official spinster colony, where women can be women without worrying about men, and maybe even raise their own kids together in one big happy matriarchy.

It never happened, partially because even strong, independent female types are convinced they are missing something without a man, and will hold out as long as necessary. Also, each candidate lived in a different city and was particularly attached to her job. That’s the problem with those strong, independent female types.

Anyway, turns out the all-women colony still exists! Down in Brazil. Except they’re not spinsters and they made the news because they’re looking for men. Oh well.

2 thoughts on “The Spinster Colony Exists!

  1. I googled this and this seems to be true. This is awesome. They need just take a dip in a mikvah and we all good to go.

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