NBN: Olim (II)

O7 also never left after seminary. “I just love the way Judaism is a culture here,” she explained. “Even in Tel Aviv they’ll say ‘Boruch Hashem.’ It’s just so beautiful that everything and everyone is Jewish. It’s the kind of … Continue reading

NBN: Boarding

While the olim milled about after the ceremony in subdued (or not so subdued) excitement, Bad4 was enjoying VIP treatment. Barring a career as a corporate hotshot, this is probably the only time in my life that I’ll fly business … Continue reading

NBN: L’Hitra’ot

Over 200 passengers congregated at the end of the terminal outside the King David Lounge. Just gazing at the tops of heads, there are chassidish hats, litvish hats, newsboy caps, plaid executives, velvet yarmulkes, leather ones, solid knitted kippas, striped … Continue reading